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Complete noob

Right now I only have mp3s, which I listen to on my phone (I lost all my CDs in Katrina). I've been thinking about upgrading. I figure that, if I do so, I might as well go all-in, and go back to vinyl for the sound quality. I was also considering going the tube route. But there are so many choices--tube phono preamp? Tube pre? Tube power amp? Solid state integrated? Powered speakers?
The thing is I don't have a ton of money. Maybe $1000. I also can't play it very loud. It would be in a 10x10 room, just me listening. I'd consider a headphone amp, but I think the cord would bother me and I don't want to go back to digital if I can avoid it. So I don't know what to do.
I listen to a wide range--from Robert Johnson to Albert King to AC/DC to Beck to the Beatles to Prince... You could probably think of BB King as representing the "middle" of my taste.
What would you do?

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Some Thoughts

Sorry to hear about your loss! That is, indeed, a bummer!

With a 1K total budget, what are you thinking? Turntable + receiver or integrated amp + speakers? New? Used? Since you can't play your music loudly, quality headphones would obviate a purchase of speakers and provide much better sound quality than cheap speakers. You could save your dough for speakers down the line. Integrated amp, as opposed to receiver, would give you better bang for your buck, as long as you choose wisely and don't need or want to listen to radio. There are many choices for decent budget turntables! I would recommend research/reading and critical listening in auditions with equipment in your budget range. You don't want a sales person playing a $300.00 TT through $10,000.00 worth of amplification & speakers, if you know what I mean. On your budget, I think separates are out of the question, short of finding the deal of the century on used equipment. Tubes generally provide a warm rich sound but that can be achieved with good quality SS amplification, as well. "Analog Planet" is a good place to research TT's, as well as Stereophile. With a turntable, keep in mind certain accessories you'll need if you want to this right (e.g. good carbon fiber record brush; stylus cleaner; record washing machine; etc.). You can do those 3 for less than $150.00 if you think "Spin-Clean" for the record washer. You don't need a lot of amp muscle or expensive speakers to fill a 10 X 10 sound room. So, with that 1K budget I think you can get yourself a pretty nice sound system, as long as you do your homework and spend your beans wisely. Good Luck!

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