Command AV

Command AV's Jeff Fox was running two rigs at CAF, including a large scale assemblage in the Democracy suite, where the sound matched the beauty of the hi-fi. Jeff's setup included the day-glow red J.Sikora Standard MAX Special Editon turntable ($19,995) and J.Sikora KV MAX 12" Tonearm ($14,500) mounted with an Aidas Mammoth Gold Cartridge ($8650). From thence the signal ran to a Doshi Audio Evolution phono stage ($20,995). Digital front-end duties were handled by an Aurender N30SA server ($25,000), a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 3 ($28,000), and a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB Series 2 digital interface ($2495).

Amplification was provided by by the brand new handsome, gargantuan Gryphon Diablo 333 integrated amplifier ($24,990); the amp drove Magico S3 2023 speakers ($45,500). Transparent Reference and XL Cables and a Transparent Reference Isolator ($7600) completed setup with an HRS EXR Stand (4) shelf ($7795).

Jeff knows I'm a jazz head, so when he saw me coming, he went straight for a Pablo Records' classic: Count Basie's Me and You. After the needle drop, the orchestra ambled along, pleasant and mellow, Basie's trademark piano doodling spread across a maxed-out soundstage. Then, with perfect timing, an incredibly powerful, FFF quarter-note attack from the full orchestra nearly knocked me over, causing Jeff to emit thathet devilish laughter for which he’s known.

Music through the Command AV system was deliciously spatial, with impressive ambient cues. Uncanny.

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Uncanny? Not for a 100K system.

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Any demo that gives the goosebumps deserves kudos! And devilish laughter... lol.

That turntable is the sexiest version of that I've seen!

How do they get non-symmetrical pointed cones set up like that with all that weight?? Cool trick I'm sure

Bring this table to AXPONA 24!

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But it's RED!!!!

Cheers George

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No ivory and platinum power cable lifters? For that much money, they ought to be part of the package.