Coincident Speaker Technology Troubador loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 4: Specifications

Description: Two-way stand-mounted loudspeaker with concentrically mounted drivers and rear-firing port. Drive-units: 1" fabric-coated dome tweeter with neodymium magnet, 6.5" polypropylene-cone woofer. Crossover frequency: 3.5kHz. Crossover slopes: unspecified. Frequency response: 45Hz–20kHz, –3dB. Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m (2.83V). Nominal impedance: 8 ohms (5–10 ohms). Amplifier requirements: 7–150W.
Dimensions: 11" W by 16" D by 9¾" H. Shipping weight: 52 lbs.
Finishes: black lacquer standard; wood veneers optional.
Serial numbers of review samples: 015L/R; 118R-6 and 118L-6.
Price: $1495/pair plus shipping, prepaid (1996); no longer available (2012). Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee, 5 years parts and labor. ÆMDNMØApproximate number of dealers: factory-direct only (1996).
Manufacturer: Coincident Speaker Technology, 19 Strauss Road, Thornhill, ON., Canada L4J 8Z6. Tel: (905) 660-0800. Web:

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What's going on here?

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It's the token bad review that Stereophile feels it has to throw out to remind readers that on exceedingly rare occasions, it actually does take a break from the non stop advertising/promotional campaigns which help keep the lights on and pay for airfares for "journalists" to travel from show to show in which they endlessly kibitz with other "industry" figures in dining rooms and bars across the United!

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Now if only we could get these "journalists" to stop giving "very highly recommended" review summaries for products like a $6000 tube amp whose volume control gets too hot to touch... (eyeroll)

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I don't think you have a clue what the term "defamatory" actually means so I've cited a definition below:


"Defamation—also called calumnyvilificationtraducementslander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published, whether true or false, depending on legal state. In Common Law it is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (theclaimant).[1]"


Note, Mr. Atkinson, that under "common law", the requirement for defamation is that published claims are false. [Edited by John Atkinson]

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It is pretty obvious that Mr Blume is clueless when it comes to speaker design. Even the "novices" on real audio forums know about the importance of acoustic phase.

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Thanks for the honest review.

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Well maybe more of a "Don't tell us the truth or you will be banned"attitude. When logic fails, just delete posts and call it "defaming". Lame.

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You mean the truth as you see it JohnnyR ?

After reading many of your posts I would say there anything but true.

I'm usually agaist banning anyone, but I'll make an exception in your case. You contribute nothing to this great site and depict yourself as an unhappy and uneducated troll.   BEAT  IT.

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......that MrPlankton2U spelled out what was going on and JA deleted it because? I'm glad you have no say so as to who should be banned. By the way it's "they're" NOT "there". Please be more civil in the future and perhaps you won't be making errors.

 Mr Blume obviously didn't bother to measure his finished speaker. I'm betting he used his "golden ears" to judge them. Ahhhhh the folly of relying upon "what he heard".