CocoRosie Announce Tales of a GrassWidow

Tales of a GrassWidow, CocoRosie’s fifth full-length album and first since 2010’s excellent Grey Oceans, is scheduled to be released on May 28th. The album is being self-released, features appearances by Antony Hegarty, and was produced by CocoRosie with extraordinary Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurdsson—so I expect greatness in sound and music.

If the first single, “Gravediggress,” serves as an indication, I think expectations will be met. The song, like my favorite work from CocoRosie, utilizes jazz, folk, pop, and experimental elements to match an uninhibited, childlike playfulness with an underlying darkness—an unsettling but compelling sound.

volvic's picture

Next time anyone tells you there is no more good music being created tell them to listen to this. 

Stephen Mejias's picture

They don't listen to me. They're happy being miserable. And I don't care what they think anyway. But I'm glad you share my enthusiasm for this!

torturegarden's picture

This should be an excellent record. May can't come soon enough.

Bill B's picture

I have a Cocorosie song on a sampler from a couple years ago and I didn't like it, and so forgot about that band.  But this song is great - I will put them back on my attention list.  Thanks Stephen.