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Clueless on multiple input and single output

Hi, I need advice.

Equipment :

1. AEGO M System 2.1 Computer Speakers (1 pair of RCA line-in jacks)
[best there is under USD150. You name it , I had auditioned it --> Logitech, Altec, Klipsch, Edifier , etc]

2. TV with a pair of RCA line-out jacks

3. PC

4. CD Player + integrated amp (with a pair of RCA line-out jacks)

Only 1 Objective :

Through the AEGO, listen to TV (if it is on), or/and PC, or/and CD Player. That is,

a. if I am watching news on TV with the CD player playing - I can hear both through just the speakers.


b. I am listening to the news on TV, music from the CD Player, and any audio coming out from the PC same time and from the AEGO.

Without having to select source, or switch sources. If I want to listen to them "independently", I just make sure to turn off the other 2 devices of the 3.

I understand may need to get something ? Or is as simple as buying some connectors/adaptors only ?

If I have to get an equipment, I hope it won't blow me wallet (you can figure it out from my spending under USD150 on a pair of speakers).

I am not an audiophile by such a desired setup. But I hope I can get some advice here, please.

Thank you very very much for even reading this post.

Brown Sound
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Re: Clueless on multiple input and single output

Hey Micmac,

Here is my suggestion for your hookup. It is not audiophile by any means, but should get it all connected.

1. Since these are PC speakers, I would leave them attached to the PC, as you normally would.

2. For the TV, connect the TV line-out to an AUX, TAPE-IN or other empty line-in (not phono, if available) on the integrated amp. You may need to play with the volume of the TV, since many TV line-outs are tied to the levels of the internal TV speaker. Hint: play a music CD and on the TV, a music program, then adjust to the TV level to the CD. Then leave the TV at that level.

3. For the integrated amp to the PC, get a stereo RCA to stereo mini-plug cable and connect this from a TAPE-OUT on amp to the line-in of your PC. You should leave the tape monitor loop 'ON', so the TAPE-OUT will be active.

Now your TV and CD should both output to your PC, you will still need to select which of the two with the integrated amp's input selector. For selecting between the PC output and amp, you will need to use the PC's audio mixer.

Please note that your integrated amp will now essentially be a fancy switch box, since the power amp section has been totally bypassed. You would probably get better sound with a regular set of loudspeakers and the amp section, but that would require different parts and an entirely different connection setup. Another note, avoid using a 'Y' adapter to the PC line-in, this normally gives poor results.

I hope this helps, it's not audiophile, like I stated earlier, but it should get you running. Good luck.

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Re: Clueless on multiple input and single output

thanks chief. and yes, I am not expecting anything in-regards to audiophilia.

I tried what you suggested, and I totally understand what you said about the hint of playing CD music vs TV broadcasting a musuc program or something - that's to "balance" the signals output (yes the TV's line-out is tied to the TV volume ).


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