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Clipping issue PLease HELP!!!

I have been experiencing clipping when my receiver plays SACD Multi channel, and DVD-A multi channel. Clipping occurrs at volume set above -30db, this is not the case when playing standard CDs or DVD movies volume can be set at -10db+. All channels clip with the exception of the sub channel. I have a Marantz SR96 receiver,(I know its old...)with a Marantz DV9500 (This is the 3rd player that Marantz has sent me via player issues the past year+.) The DVD player is plugged into the receiver via analog connections. Speakers used Infinity overture 3 in front, cc3 center, overture 1's rear. Is my receiver dying? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Clipping issue PLease HELP!!!

A few things come to mind that could cause your amp to switch off, if that is what you are describing. First, make sure your amp is getting plenty of air circulation. If you have your player stacked on top of the receiver, it is probably getting too hot when driving all channels and is shutting down briefly to cool off. Over time, this could damage the amp.

Another possibility is that your speakers are dipping below 4ohms and drawing large amounts of current from your amp, again causing it to heat up and shut down. I haven't looked up the specs on your amp or your speakers, but if you are trying to drive inefficient speakers at high levels and your amp is not of a high current design, you are going to trigger the built in protection circuit of shutting down rather than burning up.

If this is the case, you simply have a mismatched set of speakers with the amp. I'm guessing that the amp needs air circulation.

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Re: Clipping issue Please HELP!!!

This was my posting prior to registering. I think you may be on to something with the overheating. The speakers and receiver where purchased on the same date over 5 years ago, so I can't imagine they are not matched properly. The unit was put into a new cabinet though and the room where the equipment is at is smaller then the previous room, also the room does get warm when the door is shut. Can you recommend a fan soloution that is quiet but effective??

thank you very much!!

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