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Classic or new receiver?

I just registered, and am hoping I can get some good advice. My old 2 channel receiver died after years of limping along. I have little interest in surround sound. I have a pair of ESM-2 speakers, and want to put my TV audio as well as my CD player through my speakers. I gave up on vinyl long ago, as I couldn't tolerate tics. My budget for a new receiver is around $650. I saw a good review of the Outlaw RR2150, but wonder whether an old classic in excellent condition would be even better: maybe a Pioneer SX-1050 or Sansui 9090DB. My worry with classics is, I'm not a capable electronics tech!

newbie questions:

On a pre 1975 receiver with only 1 AUX input, where would I plug in the TV & CD?

Any advice on my main dilemma of old vs. new, or other units to consider?

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Re: Classic or new receiver?

Go with the Outlaw, it will beat the "classics" you've listed six ways to Christmas.

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Re: Classic or new receiver?

I second that.

Jan Vigne
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Re: Classic or new receiver?

If you buy one of the classics, buy two. None of the manufacturers you're considering support their old vintage product any longer. Anything that needs repair will very likely require a "parts bin" unit to pull from.

Even if the older units you list sounded as good as the Outlaw, this would make me reconsider vintage gear. If you want to go vintage, do some research. There are several classic amplifiers and pre amplifiers that can still be repaired for modest means. McIntosh and Marantz are well supported due to their original value. Dyna and Citation are still kicking but only through the web. Scott, Fisher and a few others have hit or miss quality at this point and will require a technician who understands vintage gear. Check Audio Classics and Mapleshade Audio for more information on good vintage not just the kitschy stuff.

Lamont Sanford
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Re: Classic or new receiver?

H&K has two versions (100w/80W) two channel receiver amps. Also, it got a mention in the best of the best in Stereophile Magazine. Outlaw got an entire review though. There are plenty of old well made used ones on the market. The Outlaw is overpriced and not as well made since the review. They have to outsource now due to demand.

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