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Classic or junk?

Greetings. I have obtained a harmon kardon citation LucasFilm THX surround sound system. Front, rear and two massive sub woofers.Circa 1995.Apparently high end in it's day. Two of the 6.5" woofers (Fr.Channel) have voice coil separation.
Any one familiar with this system? I believe it handled 200 Watts.
Any experienced advice on if worth repairing would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Not sure...

Not sure what to say? Did you happen to come into these for free? Like a Storage Wars type scenario? Lol. That’s a different story. Not sure how they’d do in terms of resale or collectibility. But something tells me if you have a very large room, a large multi channel amp, good cables and a large center channel you could have a movie theater like experience...after that speaker is fixed... I guess? Then again, it is 26 year old equipment and for not a large amount of money you could buy a new 5.1 set up that would also kick butt and completely do the job and come warranties etc.

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Hello - by 'voice coil

Hello - by 'voice coil separation' do you mean that the rubber or foam surround of the cone has disintegrated? If so, it's a fairly simple DIY repair to install new foam surrounds or you can have them repaired by any number of repair shops. Failing that, simply replacing the drivers should be easy - just unscrew them, disconnect the terminals at the back and fit the new units.

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