Classé Unveiled

CES Unveiled turned out to have little of interest to Stereophile readers—except those who are general technical geeks. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Most of the products on display involved mobile computing, computer peripherals, etc., and the exhibits were simple table-top setups. Major CES exhibitors like Sony and Panasonic were conspicuous by their absence. Samsung just had some of their small digicams. I guess the high performance audio community decided to pass on this event, and it makes sense: what makes these products special can’t be evaluated by just looking at them.

I did spot the new Classe CA-M600, winner of the Best Innovation award for Audio Components. It was behind glass. I may have a chance to listen to it at CES proper. In the meantime, John Atkinson’s rave review will appear in the forthcoming March 2011 issue.