Classé CAP-100 integrated amplifier Personnel news

Sidebar 5: Personnel news

It saddens me to announce that this issue, containing his review of the Classé CAP-100 integrated amplifier, is the last to which Robert Harley, one of Stereophile's two Consulting Technical Editors, will contribute. Bob joined us in May 1989—he had previously worked at a CD mastering house—and rapidly established himself as one of the leading reviewers of digital equipment in the US. His essay on why double-blind listening tests are not necessarily the best way to uncover subjectively important differences between components ("The Listeners' Manifesto," January 1992, Vol.15 No.1) was a highlight of his contributions to this magazine. I am also particularly proud of his pioneering work for Stereophile in establishing data word-clock jitter as a major factor in poor CD sound.

Bob is taking the position of Technical Editor at Fi magazine. We all wish him well in his future endeavors.—John Atkinson

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