Classé CA-200 stereo power amplifier Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

I did not have a Classé preamp available; instead, I used two basic setups: direct coupling to a Krell KPS-20i/l CD player, and balanced and normal drive from a Krell KRC-HR preamp. Further control was provided by a Conrad-Johnson PFR and a Premier Fourteen.

In addition to the KPS-20i/l, signal sources included Classé's own combination of transport and DAC 1 decoder, as well as an Audio Synthesis DAX-2. LP support came from my trusty Linn LP12/Lingo/Naim ARO/Koetsu setup, while cables were by Siltech and van den Hul.

Speakers used with the Classé included the Quad ESL-63, Spendor SP2-2, Mordaunt-Short Performance 880, KEF Reference Four, and Wilson WITT. Power-amplifier references included a C-J Premier Eleven A, Meridian 605, Naim NAP250, Krell FPB-300, and a Mark Levinson No.333.—Martin Colloms

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