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Chopped up articles

JA, Whats with all of the chopped up articles and reviews in this month's issue. It looks like someone on the layout staff was watching too much late night television, and bought one of those miracle cutting devices.

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Re: Chopped up articles

It's probably the AC cord on the lamp you are reading by? Try a better cord, and see if the jitter and large open spaces in the read get smoother and more LIBRARY like, with a peaceful, continuous conectivity between thoguhts. Also make sure the lamp is an audio article reading lamp....I can see this, it's really true. The lighting effects the spacing in teh print, has been known for years by those who have eyes. Of course there will be naysayers, "How can a lamp cord effect the light"? But there still are things that can't be measured that can be seen. Doesn't matter how it was printed, it's on teh readback that has teh most influence. Similar to recording and playback.....

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Re: Chopped up articles

Whats with all of the chopped up articles and reviews in this month's issue.

It was unavoidable, I am afraid. I detest article "jumps" and our policy is to match fractional pages of editorial matter with fractional-page ads. However, in the March issue, which is historically one of our smaller issues, we had more articles than usual that ended in a fractional page and there weren't enough fractional-page ads, hence the jumps.

We will try to ensure that it won't happen again.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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