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Choice of Speakers

I am in the process of replacing my current speakers. I have narrowed the choices to:
Avalon Eidolon Diamond
MartinLogan Summit
B&W 800D
Any thoughts/recommendations?

Anthony Tam
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Re: Choice of Speakers

Only thought is... I am envious of the budget you have allocated to hi-fi.

Guess the next step is to try to isolate the qualities of each respective speaker within the context of your musical and sonic preferences. Ideally, within the context of the components you will be using upstream of these three impressive loudspeakers.

Are there dealers that will help you in this endeavor?

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Re: Choice of Speakers

Induction Dynamics ID1 loudspeakers. I love my pair, and I would urge you to seek out a dealer in order to listen to these speakers before you spend your money.

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Re: Choice of Speakers

Ditto on the budget envy!

I have always loved the B&W sound. I have auditioned the 802D and find them to be my personal heaven. But the key word is 'personal'.

Take time to really listen to the different speakers then see if any of the dealers will let you audition them in your home (30 day return guarantee, etc.) Really, only at home in your listening space, with your electronics, will you truly be able to determine which are best for you. When you're putting up as much fundage as these speakers cost, being sure is a good thing.

Whatever you decide, good luck. I'm sure you'll be a very happy listener!

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Re: Choice of Speakers

I would only add that sometimes you can miss the really, really good searching for the perfect.

Once you do determine which speaker is for you, put the ghosts to bed and enjoy the music. If you've bought a quality speaker, you'll likely adjust to the speaker...and you can always chase your tail around with cables.

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