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Chicago symphony - End of the year

Well my first season has already concluded.

Ive discovered numerous things during the first year, these are just some points.

1 - In the last show i heard the full Orchestra, organ, choir and soprano going at it full whack on some great Dvorak peices. The amount and quality of this sound is incredible, now ive seen all the major loud rock bands, Motorhead, ACDC, Deep Purple you name them and while yes they are loud it just sounds shallow somehow. I recently saw Deep Purple in the HOB Chicago and they were fantastic and its well known fact that the HOB has a top notch sound system, even this though sounds artifical compared to how the CSO sounded. It wasnt about the volume of the sound it was about the amount if that makes any sense.

2 - The variety in classical music is vast, there is music to suit every possible mood and it was very clear that chamber music was about as appealling to me as a night out with Brittany Spears, however for some reason a solo violin or a soloist with an orchestra was by far my greatest discovery and ive fallen in love with solo violin peices.

3 - Mahler is the best kept secret to non classical fans, his music is incredible. It is clear that he was not mainstream in his thinking but he has such depth and complexity that hes like a cross between zeppelin/ELP/sabbath all in one. The No 2 was immense and the end of that work with thechoir finishing up is fantastic, however the best part is the off stage haunting horns that he employs, that is just so emotional.

4 - I eneded up seeing Pictures at an exhibition actually 3 times and the CSO in full swing doing the Great gates is my classical smoke on the water, its just a brilliant peice that i love live.

5 - The variety of muisc by each composer can be unbeliveable, Dvorak peices spanned such a wide range of styles.

6 - Initial perceptions of composers meant nothing, i thought i would like Bach & brucker but didnt like much about either. I thought i would hate choir and violin but ended up loving both.

7 - The last and probably the best thing is that ive already bought next years tickets and ive got a whole new set of experiences to look forward to, more Mahler and russian guys and then major composers ive not seen anything of yet little known guys like Mozart and Beethoven !! the last concert next year being a full CSO and choir performance of Beethovens 9th which im told is unbeliveable.


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