CES 2017: An Unlikely, Impromptu Duet at the Venetian.

On the final day of the show, our special guest, ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro and our very own Jason Victor Serinus came together to form the most unlikely of duos. We originally attempted to film this while in a moving gondola but were sternly prohibited from doing so by the gondola ride manager.

Though you may only know him as an invaluable member of Stereophile's writing staff, Jason also happens to be a whistler extraordinaire! He's "the Voice of Woodstock" in the Peanuts cartoon, She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown, was inducted into the Whistler's Hall of Fame, and has been dubbed "The Pavarotti of Pucker" by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Watch Jake and Jason perform an enchanting, unrehearsed rendition of the classic "Ave Maria" together:

Anton's picture

Jason really knows how to clear an area!


But, seriously, folks, that was great fun and Jason can still hit those high notes. Better than Sinatra at the same age.

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CES might not have been quite as bad as reported. ;>)

Music from the most unlikely places. Kudos.

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How many hours of practice does it take to achieve this level of...?

You reminded me of a Decades Old Disney Movie, I can't remember which, I wish I could remember and buy the Sound Track.

These Videos are wonderful

Tony in Michigan

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Very cool. I'll be sharing this with lots of musician friends, and a few non-musicians as well.

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Nice! But, if they had been connected with a better cable to a fine line conditioner, their sound could have been far better :)

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Good on ya, gents!

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Really enjoyed this video, thanks!

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that was great fun!