In the D'Agostino exhibit, pure AC power was fed to the Progressive monoblocks by a Stromtank independent power source ($30,000): a 276-lb enclosure in which a 16-cell Lithium phosphate battery pack stores up to 4000W, ultimately to be converted to pure-sinewave AC. Four hospital-grade AC outlets are provided for source components and an additional two outlets serve to support power amplifiers. Stromtank claims that their power source can provide between 5 and 8 hours of pure AC power between charges.

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The Trump family has already ordered 2.

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Which is probably against house rules; if so my apologies and please take the comment down

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It outputs pure power.

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Let's hope that the batteries are not made by Samsung ;).

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Wouldn't installing a Tesla Powerwall do the same thing for $5k plus installation?