New Cables from Wireworld

Wireworld introduced two new cables at CES: its Helicon 16 speaker cables (available in two versions), and Category 8 Ethernet cables (three models). The Helicon 16 ($2.10/ft. for the basic red/black version with oxygen-free copper conductors, and $9/ft. for the white/black version with OCC-7N copper conductors), with its patented "DNA Helix" design, was originally intended as high-end hook-up wire for professional and DIY applications, but can also be used as a speaker cable. "It took forever, but it's done," Wireworld's David Salz, seen in the photo above, said of a cable that he claimed is "very balanced, with no identifiable loss or harmonic shift."

Wireworld's flat, flexible Cat8 Ethernet cables come in three versions: Chroma Cat8 with solid OFC conductors ($15/m plus termination), Starlight 8 with solid-silver-clad OFC conductors ($60/m plus termination), and Platinum Starlight with solid OCC-7N solid-silver conductors ($600/m plus termination). The cables were designed, via an internal geometry of flat grooves and parallel conductors, to make 40-Gbit/sec@30m transmission possible, delivering cleaner signals. Salz claims the cables are more efficient than other Cat8 Ethernet cables, and that they preserve the waveform better when music is streamed or downloaded.