Cardas Celebrates 30 with New Cables

For the start of its 30th anniversary year, Cardas introduced new cables at both ends of its line. At the more affordable end, and replacing their Twinlink speaker and Microtwin interconnect, lies the new Cardas Iridium speaker cable ($320/1.5m pair), Iridium interconnect ($250/1m pair), and Iridium phono cable ($220/1m). Among the improvements are a new star-quad geometry, upgraded terminations, and a far-more-flexible-than-before rubber housing.

"Far better flexibility is the key," said the company's Brian Von Bork (above), as he held up both the Iridium interconnect and the company's new Clear Beyond flagship interconnect ($3750/1m pair). The latter employs a new four-conductor geometry with an air-tube dielectric that creates a virtual air-suspension environment. "The Clear Beyond interconnect builds on the success of the Clear, with better low-frequency dynamics and superior propagation technology," he said.

Cardas also has issued new Anniversary Edition earspeakers. I've left coverage of those to Tyll Hertsens at

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My parents were Hungarian and pronounced "cardas" (a folk dance I believe) as "char-dosh."
My local audio dealer says, "Card-as."

Which is correct?


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...but I have heard "CARDus" or "carDASS" as pronunciations for Cardas.

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Thanks for asking. In English translation, the folk dance you refer to is usually written "czardas." Your local dealer's understanding is correct, although I believe he says "Car'-das."

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Appreciate the response.
If we ever get another high-end show in NYC I can direct you to a great bakery for pogacsa!

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It's more a case of, "If I ever get to another high-end show in NYC." With lots of writers on the East Coast, Stereophile hasn't sent me to cover an East coast show in years. Immensely practical, albeit ironic, in a sense, in that my very first piece for Stereophile was based on what I heard at the Stereophile show in NYC. Thus doth the world turn.