Auris Wows HR in LV

Amplification is usually just a green circuit board in a metal box. (Yawn, snooze.) Even at the highest prices, you still get green boards—but now those green boards are hiding their greenness in very expensive boxes. The new Auris "Back to Nature" components—see also Robert Deutsch's report here—come in chrome and walnut and real-leather boxes that look a lot more expensive than they are. The beautiful DC-125 class-D power amplifier ($1999), Piano tube preamplifier ($1999), and D1D DAC ($1799) made an extremely handsome trio.

The above DAC and amplification drove the fast and articulate sounding Auris Poison 5 loudspeakers ($4235/pair), which feature a diminutive aluminum-cone, front-firing, full-range driver augmented by a side-firing woofer and a rear-firing, ambience- and air-enhancing tweeter. The entire Auris system presented itself with a distinctly timeless luxury, in sound and looks.

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Let me help....

"...which feature a diminutive aluminum-cone, front-firing, full-range driver...."(Yawn snooze, right?)

Front firing drivers possess 'distinctly timeless luxury," but green circuit boards in components are 'yawn snooze?'


Chrome and walnut and real leather boxes? Sounds like a steak house.