Air Tight's New Monoblock

At CES 2017, Japanese manufacturer A&M Ltd. announced the expansion of their Air Tight amplifier line with the ATM-3211 all-triode, 120W monoblock ($72,000/pair). The circuit employs a pair of 211 triode tubes running in class-AB, driven by a 12AX7 differential amplifier, itself followed by three 12BH7s arranged in a cathode-follower circuit. Tamura builds the amplifier's power transformer, and WBT supplies the speaker terminals. The amplifier's load-impedance matching can be switched by the owner from the factory default (6 ohms) to 16 ohms. Art Manzano of distributor Axiss Audio said he was especially pleased by the amplifier's external design, in which each of the large 211 triodes is backed-up by a transformer cover.