CES 2015: Welcome to Alternate Reality

Almost everyone has their own unique lens through which to view the alternate reality which some call "Lost Vegas." Without wishing to put my own prejudicial stamp on the site of the annual Consumer Electronics Show—would I ever?—I instead offer you this view from the 16th floor of the Mirage Hotel, across the Strip from the Venetian Resort, where the high-end audio exhibits are housed. You tell me what's going down, and where the true mirage lies.

For our part, Jon Iverson is poised to cover new products digital, Herb Reichert "affordable" products in all categories (go easy on us, boys, this is the High End, after all, and the theory of relativity or its distant cousin applies), Larry Greenhill loudspeakers over $10k, Robert Deutsch loudspeakers under $10k, Kal Rubinson electronics (amplifiers, preamps, etc.), and your truly, cables, accessories, power products, sundry exhibits in the Mirage suites, the hi-rez panels and seminars in the Venetian's Bellini ballrooms, and whatever else is almost guaranteed to generate the most controversy.

For analog coverage, look to Michael Fremer at AnalogPlanet.com. For computer audio, Michael Lavorgna at AudioStream.com. And for headphones, Tyll Hertsens at InnerFidelity.com.

Of course, there's lots of crossover these days, all-in-one products being but one example. Hence, all of us have foresworn toeless sandals, lest anyone be hurt in the process of discovering multiple other Stereophilers filing reports on the same product. For more exciting tips on how the High End is shaping up, please check our site frequently over the course of the next 10 days.

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Sounds like you got the short end of the stick.

Allen Fant's picture

Thank You! JVS.

Cables/cords and power accessories are the most-important factet of our hobby. I look forward to your coverage. First and foremost, I am a "cable" guy! -JA

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Looking forward to comprehensive coverage