CEntrace DACMini PX & Masterclass Speakers

Displaying near the registration booth at T.H.E. Show, CEntrance, makers of the excellent DACport USB-input headphone amplifier, introduced their new DACMini PX (price hasn’t been determined, but CEntrance’s Michael Goodman noted the company is looking to keep it “aggressively under $1500”), which combines the same array of inputs (USB, coaxial, optical, line) and line outputs found on the company’s DACMini CX ($795, now in final production) while adding speaker connectors and a 25Wpc Class-D amplifier section.

Like the DACMini CX, the PX is designed to complement Apple’s Mac Mini; users can create an entire component system based around their Mac Mini music servers. Not satisfied with just providing the electronics, CEntrance will also offer the desktop Masterclass speakers (“aggressively under $1000/pair”). “This is for people working in home offices, or for those who want a high-quality second system,” Goodman said. I listened for a few moments and heard impressive image size and clarity. Both the DACMini PX and Masterclass speakers are scheduled to be available this summer.

Summer: Please come fast.