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Ceiling placement for whole home audio

Hi, I am having a new house built and know very little about audio. I want to have whole home audio with a few ceiling speakers but am really confused on placement. I can't seem to find the answers I need googling for it but the results that I see making me second guess what I did. The issue I am having is that two of my rooms are very long like 30+ feet and I am under the assumption that the way to deal with long rooms is just to put 4 speakers in a row. This seems logical since I can have L R L R in a straight row. I was told however that it will be strange since if playing stereo, The first R will be surrounded by two Ls, so Left will be both to the left of the Right channel and to the Right of the Right channel. Not sure if this is an issue and I am worrying about nothing.
I thought about putting them side by side, but will have a huge gap in the middle. Not sure if this is an issue as well.

I will use one room as an example.

10 wide x 31 long.

wall <2 feet> L <9 feet> R <9 feet> L <9 feet> R <2 feet> wall

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