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CD's Good and Not so Good..What I notice

Well I am into my third week of my new system (Arcam Solo, Paradigm Studio 100 speakers) and I am now noticing which CD's were recorded well and which ones were not. For example I listened to Hotel California by the Eagles and was taken back by what seemed like the audio compression of the CD. Compare this to a XRCD of Johnny Griffin and the audio characteristics are phenominal. Of course the Griffin is an XRCD that was originally recorded by Rudy Van Gelder but the audio is bright, fresh, deep and layered compared to the old rock n' roll. Not to be undone I then put on "The essential Bob Dylan" which was supposidly remastered (a marketing gimmick?) and again noticed the lack of depth in the recording. Now these were recorded in the early 60's and there of course is not allow you can do with these original masters but the audio was almost unlistenable.

I am glad that Stereophile lists in their reviews both performance and sonics that will help me decide which ones are worthy but for now I think that a lot of my classic rock n roll will stay in the cabinet for now.

I highly recommend JVC XRCD's they are all excellent and you can see that they have quite a few on

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