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CDrom drive

Hi Folks,

I was just thinking about something to add to my previous post...

Being in the computer industry I know there are definite differences in the quality of drives. Also being an audiophile I also know there is a definite co-relation with the quality of the drive used in a CD/SACD/DVDA player and the final sound. In that vien, would there be a increase in the quality of the ripped sound using a particular drive. For instance, Asus has a drive called the CD-S500 with anti-vibration elements. Would this contribute to lower jitter in the final rip (which would obviously affect the final sound product)?

Opinions? What drives have people used? Maybe a neat little project for someone.



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Re: CDrom drive

Jeff Malloch

Not only does the drive matter when copying CDs, the speed at which the drive is operating matters. Check out something that I wrote for my blog. You might find it of interest. Let me know what you think.

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