CD vs. LP: which one gets the most airtime in your listening room?

CD vs. LP: which one gets the most airtime in <I>your</I> listening room?
100% LP
3% (11 votes)
90% LP, 10% CD
9% (38 votes)
80% LP, 20% CD
7% (27 votes)
70% LP, 30% CD
6% (26 votes)
60% LP, 40% CD
4% (18 votes)
50% each
3% (12 votes)
40% LP, 60% CD
3% (13 votes)
30% LP, 70% CD
4% (16 votes)
20% LP, 80% CD
6% (25 votes)
10% LP, 90% CD
13% (54 votes)
100% CD
38% (156 votes)
other (explain)
3% (11 votes)
Total votes: 407

Most audiophiles' record collections include LPs <I>and</I> CDs, but one format invariably is played more than the other. In yours, which one is it, and by how much?

borges's picture

since my turntable broke, some years ago, I listen only to cd

Martin Daley's picture

I guess I'm just getting lazy in my old age. I don't want to have to remember what is recorded on the last few minutes of every record so I can dash across the room before the arm reaches the end of the record. There's a lot to be said for convenience!

Garland J.'s picture

Even though I own a few dozen LP's, I must say that I have totally gone the way of the compact disc. The last time that I played a couple of those "dusty old records" was a few years ago. Granted, they still sound pretty good, but they don't sound as good as my digital setup. Oh well, back to listening to my "perfect sound forever" discs. LOL!

Paul J.  Nickolauson's picture

As much as I like the "idea" (romantic that I am) and the sound of the LP on a properly set-up front-end with clean vinyl, I can't seem to generate the additional enthusiasm to spend-spend-spend to put it together chez moi. The CD is just so damn convenient, and most sound pretty good these days. And, after all, it's really the content we are all after, n'est pas?

Eric W.  Sarjeant's picture

The convenience of CD's make them easier to enjoy than LP's.

James Schuster's picture

About 3% cd I own a YBA cd1& compared to LP, no base nor highs and where did the soundstage go?

Damon Anderson's picture

The vinyl ritual is too much to handle on a regular basis. Even well-kept LPs require some attention. The cost of a decent phono rig also makes me reluctant to listen to LPs more than the practical and cost-friendly CDs (those cartridges don't last forever). The LPs are usually used on special occasions or at special and/or exclusive request.

Vincent Long's picture

Although I have a CD collection, I have not switched on the CD player for months. I still prefer the sound produced by vinyl.

george immmisch's picture

best sound on lp. this what it is all about.

Ted J's picture

Although CD are the majority of my listening time, LP's reprecent the high quality time, The times where you sit back close your eyes and inhale every detail and emotion issued by the artist. Although a convenient format my digital setup simply cannot perform in that way.

Edward Savage a subscriber's picture

while i do love the warm wide sound of lp's the fact remains that most lp's lack a certain sonic accuracy and clearity that cd's naturaly have.yes, i do admit that in the beggining of cd sound,they did lack the fullness of an ordinary lp,but digital sound has evolved from those early days and is starting to sound a lot fuller along with the clarity yes, i like cd's and digital sound,but i stll buy a lot of lp's.---go figure.

Stephen Quesnel's picture

I made the biggest mistake in my lifetime, and I sure do wish I had my turntable back and had never thrown out my LPs and replaced them with CDs. Best darn thing I had.



&#039;tre's picture

LP and LP players have become too endangered to purchase! Add the low cost of used CD's and LP's vanish!

Bob Mudge's picture

I decided a while back that the future was in digital, even though I liked vinyl. If we support digital but complain about the quality, this will put pressure on the industry to produce better sound.

Mike Johnston's picture

My CD player isn't even hooked up to my main stereo anymore. I'm that most dreaded of creatures: a convert. But my interest and enjoyment have been soaring since I switched to LP; I recommend it to anyone.

Harvey B Toronto, Canada's picture

I only bought my LP12 seven months ago so it will be a while before my LP's equal the number of CD's I have. I now try to find whatever I'm looking for on vinyl and when I can't I go on line and keep looking . I just found a cool site ...Audiophile International ,USA

Eldon Smith's picture

Until I upgraded to the Oracle Delphi V with the Graham 2 tonearm and Benz Micro H2O, I listened to CD about 80% of the time.

Rick D.  Lamkie's picture

I play albums two or three times a year and I might listen to three or four albums that night, the restof the time it's CD's



Craig Chandler's picture

LP time continues to grow as my collection grows. New to return to the truth thanks to Stereophile.

nils lima's picture

I have yet to pay off my project 6 yet! dont call me poor, I'm just broke.

Dave F's picture

My analog system keeps me awake, my digital system puts me to sleep.

Mark Huelsbeck's picture

CDs are good stuff while walking or working around the house. They are definitely getting better, though. Nonetheless, LPs sound more like real music.

Jerry's picture

My Lp collection is all by 5 years ago CDs have to be my major music source now.

nikola's picture

i prefer turntable , but where i live now is far away from my audio equipment

gaetano laureanti's picture

LP are more "sweet" than CD, but I'm waiting for new audio format 24/96 as the best audio-media

Anonymous's picture

It is near impossible to get audiophile grade records in Malaysia and soon it will be difficult to get stereophile as the dealer is closed.... Help!!

Greg Carlin's picture

It's a bit of a shame, but I'm COMPLETELY format-biased now. It started after I bought my first CD player; the direct access, ease of use, and durability were addictive. My Nakamichi Dragon tape deck has played maybe 40 tapes since then (it might not even work now, for all I know), and I gave my records and B&O turntable away after I had moved twice and never used it at each location.

HAL,'s picture

CDs are an unfortunate fact of these digital times. If my turntable gets its upgrade, the LP time would go up, preferably by 95%, in my listening room. In my work room it is a 50-50% situation; just like in the car, where it is tuner vs. CD.