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CD Review: Lookin' At Monk - Johhny Griffin, Eddie Lockjaw Davis Quintet

Label: OJC Recorded: February 1961, Total Time: 39:04
Performance:***** Sonics: *****

Let me first say that I am a sax fan when it comes to jazz. While artists like Coltrane and Sonny Rollins are usually talked about when people talk about jazz giants I believe that both Griffin and Davis are overlooked. That said this is one hard bop swingin' album with great soft sonics that sound like your listening through a tube amp (easy now tube devotees !).

From the opening cut to the final song this CD is amazing and even so much more when you consider that it was recorded in 1961. As I write this I am listening to Stickball (I mean you) and I am floored by the performance of this tight band. If you are a fan of jazz you should own this CD no questions asked and if anyone purchases it and doesn't like it I will buy it from you.'s that good !!

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Re: CD Review: Lookin' At Monk - Johhny Griffin, Eddie Lockjaw D

Hey Rich,

Would you do me a favor and drop you top five jazz sax albums of all time on me. The more the merier.


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