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CD Review: Get Ready-Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker

Performance: **** Sonics: ***** (mackavenue records)

The first thing that is going to pop out at you when you play this CD is that you'll have to turn the hi-fi down. The music comes out of the speakers like the musicians are plugged direcetly in so much so that you can hear the guitar strings being "plucked" for this groovy session. Now onto the music. I would describe this as a "laid back" very tight groove but under no circumstances confuse this with any 'soft jazz" because it is far removed from mass market music. Drummer Carl Allen and bassist Rodney Whitaker lead a very tight quintet that also includes pianist Cyrus Chestnut, guitarist Rodney Jones, and sax player Steve Wilson.

The dynamic range of this CD will test your system as the pianist, sax and bass go from low to high notes on several songs. The breaks and injected sounds of an ocassional organ will make you take notice that you indeed have a great system and this is one CD that will be in rotation for quite awhile
Listened on: Arcam Solo, Paradigm 100 Speakers, Monster Z3 audio cables, volume 38

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