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CD Recorder Recommendations?

My current CD player is the Simaudio Moon Eclipse LE, soon to be replaced by the new Moon Andromeda. I would like to create new CD recordings/compilations from my CD collection, much as we used to do with analog tape decks. However, I would like to use a dedicated CD recording device integrated into my current audio system, rather than relying only on my home computer's CD burning software. Denon offers one or more CD recorders, but I'm curious as to your recommendations for a CD recorder that would accept a digital feed from my existing CD player. Please advise. Thank you!

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Re: Yamaha CDR-HD1300/1500

These two devices from Yamaha are basically the same. The CDR-HD1300 has been available for a couple of years, while the 1500 was released a couple of months back.

Both units offer a CD-RW drive centre-mounted in a full-width audio component PLUS a Hard Disk Drive (1300 has 80GB while 1500 has 200GB).

Both units will "rip" a CD to the hard-drive at 10x speed and "burn" a blank CD-R at up to 4x speed. Both also offer extensive disk/album/track editing and both also support CD-Text to allow for Album and Track Title entry via either the system remote (using a cellphone-like process) or, using a downloadable application, a PC via an RS232 connection.

Both are equipped with ADC's to allow recording of external analog sources such as vinyl. Both have the ability to "auto-split" analog feeds into separate tracks using threshold/duration parameters.

The major difference (beside the HDD capacity) is the 1500's capability to record up to 100 hours from an external analog source such as an FM tuner.

I've had a 1300 for almost 2 years and it works very well. I upgraded the HDD to 120GB (the maximum supported by the 1300 firmware) and have the potential to load up to 180 hours of music onto the HDD - I have about 15 hours of "favourite tracks" loaded into some 14 "virtual disks" and can replay all of them - both sequentially and randomised.

The only drawback is that you have to use special CD-R/RW blanks designed for Audio - they cost about 10% more than the average equivalent quality blank from the same supplier.

I have mine connected to a pre-amp's tape loop (in/out) plus its also connected via coaxial electric S/PDIF 75 ohm cable to one of the inputs on a Theta GenVa - the on-board DACs are not bad, but the GenVa is a few levels better...

Check out the Yamaha web-site at the link below:

CDR-HD1500 web page

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Re: CD Recorder Recommendations?

I've used a Tascam CDRW 700 for the last 3 1/2 years and highly recommend it! This machine is easy to use, has a ton of nice features and looks great. A big plus regarding this "pro" unit is that the CDRW 700 uses standard data grade cdr's and cdrw's. Also, since it's a "pro" unit, there is no SCMS. HHB also makes several models in the same price range which are comparable, though I have no personal experience with these.

Good luck!

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