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CD player on the way - Slightly need a to grasp something about bass mgnt

My Rotel-1072 CD player will ready to be picked up in a day or two. Its my first player to be considered of audiofile quality. As I prepare my brain for it, I still have some foggy areas. The player will be connected to an AVR for now, this AVR is a capable piece, although not high end. Here are some questions.

1. Does the AVR at any point if connected to the CD player via analogs cables, and the AVR set in the 'direct' mode, do any type of digital conversion at all. I am just wary of something the AVR might do to diminish the very reason I went with a higher end CD player to begin with. How can I make sure that the receiver does not digitize the source.

2. How will bass management work in this case. There are plenty of CDs that I have, esp live ones, that really sound good with the use of subwoofers. So, will the subwoofers still work if the AVR is in direct mode. What about stereo mode on the AVR. I think I understand the difference between direct and stereo. Except once again, if in 'stereo' mode doesn't the AVR digitize the signal. Since you can use the tone, and midnight modes when in 'stereo' mode. I thought that the AVR would have to digitize the signal in order to apply those options.

Anyone? Thanks,

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Re: CD player on the way - Slightly need a to grasp something ab

Most AVR's digitize all signals, so even if you plug in your Rotel via analog inputs, chances are that the analog signal will be digitized, routed through bass management, converted back to analog and played through the speakers.

If your AVR digitizes analog signals, you may not hear any difference with a Rotel CD player, or any other for that matter since it's all going through your receiver's Analog to Digital converter and then through your receiver's digital to analog converter. Those conversions will be your weak links.

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