CAT's Bold New Speaker/Sub Duo

There's nothing remotely reticent about California Audio Technology's (CAT's) new CAT MBX 900 Trinity satellite loudspeakers ($50,000/pair) and companion CAT MBX 58 Miramar subwoofers ($50,000/pair). Designed to be used together, their presentation mirrors the strong, driving energy of Brian Barr, founder and CEO of the 27-year old company.

Nor will it come as any surprise that the Trinity/Miramar duo are an excellent match for CAT's Morris Kessler-designed SAE 2HP-D power amplifier, which Michael Fremer reviewed in the October 2016 Stereophile. I didn't have time to sit down and take a serious listen, but the system's take-no-prisoners, rock-out-for-days signature, created in conjunction with Theta electronics, was apparent the second I set foot in the room.

The speakers' cabinets are made out of solid Corian polyester acrylic alloy, which Barr characterizes as "man-made granite." The Miramar subs weigh over 200 lbs each, and are completely sealed. The company claims no box hum or distortion. The proprietary drivers are made of spun aircraft-grade aluminum, and are intended to throw a wide stage. Barr claims the subs descend flat to 18Hz without rolloff, and that the Trinity satellites are time-aligned. With the satellite/sub package selling for $10,000 less than the Wilson Audio Alexx, curiosity is most certainly piqued.

Finally, the company has just released its new Sound Chord SCC Power 9G power cable ($7995/2m) which was trademarked just two days before the show. Terminations are by Furutech, and the 9-gauge wire is a combination of six-9s PCOCCC copper and solid-core silver in a complex geometry. Interconnects and speaker cable are in development.