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Cary vs. Ayre vs. Bryston?

I've read the various reviews in Stereophile on the Cary CD 303/300, the Ayre CX-7e and the Bryston BCD-1. All were excellent accounts and certainly grabbed my attention - and based on these reviews, all three are now on my short list for consideration. Unfortunately, I have only heard the Ayre (without the MP upgrade), which was a bit forward but astounding in its detail and vocal realism. The other two brands aren't easily found in my neck of the woods.

Can anyone provide a few brief words on the differences between these three players, and if anyone has heard/reviewed all of them, what would be your preference?

Many thanks,


Jim Tavegia
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Re: Cary vs. Ayre vs. Bryston?

The one thing that strikes me about any of those players is the updatability of the Ayre. The Bryston is a great player and I doubt that anyone who owns one, or the Cary, is at all disappointed. But for me, I would buy the Ayre and know that when Mr. Hansen gets a new idea it can be incorporated into my player at any time.

Go back and look at JA's measurements for the latest dcs gear and the waveforms for the Ayre's on their re-review by WP. Look hard and you will be amazed at what you see.


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Re: Cary vs. Ayre vs. Bryston?


I would definetly include the Esoteric SA-10 in your listening. It is a fantastic unit and has a very detailed but analogue sound.


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Re: Cary vs. Ayre vs. Bryston?

After hearing my friend's new Sony 5400 last night for 8 hours in my system, I can day that it is definitely better than my Ayre C5XE.

The sound from it is not only is impossibly miraculously good for $1500!!!!

I think that all of the players under discussion here have just been lapped and left in the dust by the Sony engineering team that designed the 5400; BRAVO!!!!!

(my unit has not been sent in...yet...for the new modification by Ayre. It will be going in soon, and then we will re-assess)

(the Sony can be ordered online for $1500; I assume it is available worldwide).

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