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Carl's Blues: The Curtis Counce Group

Label: OJC Total Time: 42:00 Recorded in LA 1957,1958
Sonics: **** Performance: ****

I found this CD on through a third party seller called Newbury Comics for $5.98 and what a find. The group, Curis Counce-bass, Jackie Sheldon-trumpet, Harold Land-Sax, carl Perkins-piano, Frank Butler-drums comes to swing and is very tight. Stereo seperation is excellent with drums, piano and horns often going from left to right speaker.

Curtis was an influencial bass player in the West Coast jazz scene and is an overlooked artist in my opion. The CD starts with a a very nice swingin "Pink Lady" and then goes into a bop called "I can't get started" where everyone takes a nice solo and then comes together for the final chorus. There is also a Spanish influence song called "Nica's Dream" which has some amazing changes but for me the highlight of the CD was the last song "Carl's Blues" .

The quality of this recording is amazing, it sounds more analog than digital and will add to the enjoyment of anyone who likes jazz and hi-fi
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Re: Carl's Blues: The Curtis Counce Group

Please post reviews of recordings in the Classical, Jazz, or Rock forums, not here.

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