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car subwoofer in home system


I have a 4 Ohm 12" subwoofer with 200 RMS, 40 Peak ( )

from years ago and built a beautiful box for my first car out of it. Now I will be home over the holidays and would like to take it out of the attic and put it to use in our home stereo.

So far I have figured out I would be fine as long as I use an amp that can handle 4 ohms. This one even has a crossover built in ( )... so it seems like a good solution. Is the power going to be enough? I'd rather have an amp that can match the 200 RMS of my sub... any suggestions?

Second question is how I connect to my stereo. I could use some line level converters as I did when I had this in the car, but I think it is possible to use the TAPE OUT ? It is an old Panasonic amp from the 70s.

Thank you for the guidance. I'll be home for a month including quarantine and want to make the most of it.

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