The Capital Sound Room

(All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.)

I never really got the sound of Klipsch speakers at past shows, but I did this time, in a big way, in the Capital Sound room, where the Klipsch La Scala III ($17,500) was making seductive, sophisticated music. So what was up? Synergy, undoubtedly, obtained with a brand I'd never heard of before but that apparently has been manufacturing audio products for other companies for 25 years. That company is Slovakia-based Canor, which is so new as a non-OEM brand that exact pricing for their products in North America hasn't been determined yet. If what I heard in the Capital Sound room is any indication, I think we'll be hearing more about Canor soon.

The system's sound originated from a tubed Canor CD 1.10 CD/DAC player (about $9000), which features three inputs and three outputs, the latter including XLR, and is capable of 24/192 and up to DSD256 playback. Next in line was the 40Wpc, KT88-tubed Canor AI 1.10 integrated amp (about $9900)—rather, look closely at the picture and you'll see two AI 1.10s. While it's an integrated amplifier, there was one per channel, each driving a loudspeaker in monoblock mode, bridged to produce 80Wpc. What's more, the integrated amplifiers were connected with Canor's "C-Link" cable, which allows volume and other settings for both amplifiers to be controlled from one amplifier. The AI 1.10 also allows instantaneous switching from triode mode to ultralinear.

And what I heard from this Klipsch-fronted system was fine-grained, smooth, nuanced, and luscious, with breathy vocals and colorful tone, in a way I don't recall ever hearing from a Klipsch-fronted system. This room was one of my most pleasant discoveries at the show.

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Go Klipsch.

For reference...1975 retail of $1118.25 incl. California state sales tax for a brand new pair of La Scalas. (5,900 in 'today' dollars.)

All those R&D costs since then really add up!.

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I have a pair of these and they do work as Robert reports. He forgot to mention imaging though. These present a nice, stable, image.