Can you think of any audiophile links that readers may not be aware of?

Can you think of any audiophile links that readers may not be aware of?
Yes, here's a link or two
68% (60 votes)
No, can't think of any
32% (28 votes)
Total votes: 88

Audiophile websites cover every niche of the hobby, and new ones are always fun to find. Are there any worthy audiophile links that <I>Stereophile</I> readers may not be aware of?

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Your local, brick-and-mortar, college library. Remember those?

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Yes, I developed the site myself as an alternative and fresh approach to buying and selling High-End Audio equipment. The name is TheAudiXchange and the url is Thanks!

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Sure, I can give you some links for illegal music downloads. Glad you asked.

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This maybe well-trodden ground but for an audio primer, refresher, or myth-debunker the FAQ sections for the various forums at contain wealths of practical, enthusiastically presented, and well-grounded information.

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For some amazing DIY loudspeakers projects.

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The site that follows is not a joke. It shows how seriously one can take the job of certifying his own system(s). (Don't be deceived by the low-profile graphics...)

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A quality forum for Australian and other enthusiasts.

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This is all you need. It changed my life.

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Various cables, pre-amps, tuners and wall mounts.

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Speaker Cables, Interconnects, and Power Cords.

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SoundMaximum is a relatively new site making some great noise in the audio and headphones industry.