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Can you help to improve this app for headphones and personalized sound?

Hi there,

Kat from Sonarworks here. We're currently building a new product and I wanted to ask your help in our product development efforts.

We have now launched in early access our consumer side product - SoundID . It's a technology and an app that based on the machine learning is trying to find the best possible sound for you. It starts with calibrating your device to the studio reference (neutral) level, then with a couple of A/B questions is trying to find your preference and then is adjusted to your hearing (hearing test to be added within the week). At the end you get your personalized sound profile that maximises your listening experience. With this we take down all components to their core and bring it back in an intelligent way to deliver personalized music experience. The product is still in early access and the full launch will be in mid-April. To make it the best it can be I kindly ask you to donwnload the free app and go through the test and report any bugs if any. It's quick and fun and you'll get out some interesting data for yourself.

The app is free on the App Store and Google Play - SoundID by Sonarworks.

When we're done, this is how it's going to look like 

Let me know what you think,

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