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Can a Super-T Amp Drive Athena AS-F1.2s?

I've ordered a Sonic Impact Super-T Amp to power a truly budget home system. Can this amp adequately power a set of Athena AS-F1.2 floorstanding loudspeakers?

If not, I think I'll buy a pair of the bookshelf Athena AS-B1.2s and stands. The prices aren't that different, and the larger speakers would be nice for the low-end potential.

This system will be for music only--mostly classical and jazz.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Can a Super-T Amp Drive Athena AS-F1.2s?

Hi, Swingdog, welcome!

The AS-F1.2 is spec'd for a sensitivity of 92 dB for 1 watt input.

If we are generous and call the T-amp a 10 watt amp, then you should be able to drive the Athena to about 101 (8 watts) to 104 dB (16 watts). (Someone else may want to verify my numbers.)

Depending on your listening habits, would peaks of 101-104 dB may be acceptable? I forget the distortion/clipping data for the t-amp.

I'd vote that it may be a little underpowered for your application, but at the price, who cares? Buy it and see!

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Re: Can a Super-T Amp Drive Athena AS-F1.2s?

If your room is small I'd say go for it. I'm in a 12' x 15' room and 88 dB is plenty loud for listening to music for me. The typical gas-powered lawnmower emits about 88 dB at the ear when you are standing behind it during operation.

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