Can an audio system ever be perfect?

Can an audio system ever be perfect?
24% (61 votes)
76% (190 votes)
Total votes: 251

Some of us strive to reproduce a recording faithfully, while others look simply to create a pleasing sound, no matter what the source. Regardless of how you define perfection, can an audio system ever be perfect?

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No, it's impossible, and just like everything else with this hobby, perfection would be subjective and in the ear of the beholder! The software, meaning vinyl, CD's, SACD's is not perfect, so even with a perfect reproduction system, you will not have perfectly pleasing sound all of the time. I think if you can put together a system that is very pleasing to you then, maybe it's perfect for you. That is until you start to lose your hearing and then it's not so perfect anymore :>)

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My room is the most limiting factor. It is too small for my speakers; as a result I get bass boom, I also get a lot of mid/high frequency reflections. Regardless I won't go for smaller speakers. I want full-range sound (I get depth to 25 Hz). I am also unable to sit center of the speakers, but if I could I would be too close to perceive center fill. No system will ever be perfect b/c every system involves some kind of human touch. And we are flawed, every one of us. That being said, I still enjoy my system.

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NEVER in a million years will an audio system be "perfect" as in indistinguishable from the original. NEVER in a gazillion years will an audio system be perfect for me, unless I truly become tired of music and audiophilia.

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Its just like golf, you can never win

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Only if I STOP reading all the industry periodicals, STOP hanging out in forums, STOP comparing new equipment to mine, STOP going to the local Hi Fi shop every time something new appears...then yes you can have a perfect system! But what fun would it be STOPping all that you love about this hobby?

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When the proper components are matched to the expectations and needs of the listener, perfection can be achieved. Perfection however, is a fleeting thing. Nothing lasts forever.

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With well recorded (read: properly miked and mastered) material on R-R, LP, CD, DVD-A or SACD regarding of whether the recording was made in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's or the 21st Century and a properly setup audio system you can get the "you are there" for most music genres, based on the system "capability" (read: dynamic) scale. Very large, symphony orchestra being the toughest to match at realistic levels is typically only achieved with the most serious gear in a large, acoustically treated room.

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A system can never be perfect that is why audio designers are still keeping designing new products.

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Will be, don't know when.

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if the system gives an emotional hit (surely musics purpose) then you are near perfection.