Can an audio system ever be perfect?

Can an audio system ever be perfect?
24% (61 votes)
76% (190 votes)
Total votes: 251

Some of us strive to reproduce a recording faithfully, while others look simply to create a pleasing sound, no matter what the source. Regardless of how you define perfection, can an audio system ever be perfect?

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Evolving? Yes. Perfect? Never.

Jay's picture

When the music transports me, the system is "perfect."

Max L's picture

Sure it can be perfect—perfect for your use and sensibilities. So, when everything comes together—great music, quiet at home, no head cold or stuffy sinuses—we can acheive one form of perfection. That's not to say that what I am hearing is exactly what the music sounded like in the original venue before it hit the mikes, processors, board, a zillion connections, etc. So, unless you were standing in the room when the original recording was made, I don't know how anyone can actually say the final result in the listening room is 100% faithful to the original event. So, once that's out of the box for contention, ust ask yourself: Are you happy? If the answer is yes, and remembering that this is a hobby, then congrats, you nailed perfection.

Louis P.'s picture

Sure, just don't ever listen to anything else. Also, you may have to limit which recordings you play. And possibly never read any more reviews or show reports.'s picture

Yes, It can play my music for my enjoyment, night after night, perfectly. And that's all that maters.

pjd's picture

You can't get to the sun—your wings will melt.

KJ's picture

A perfect system is one where I spend 50% of the time sighing in relief that my system doesn't annoy me, and the other 50% admitting that the sound is "good enough" despite the small niggles. There's gotta be a psychological term for this nervous state of mental equilibrium.

Tim's picture

A music lover can be perfectly happy with his or her music reproduction system. So it is and always will be a taste matter. Those who have managed to build a system with which they are perfectly happy should be applauded. They know how to be content and more importantly: how to enjoy music to the fullest.

Andrew L.'s picture

Yes, but only for a short time. It has more to do with the listener than the system and their emotional response to what they are hearing. Perfection is transitory, it shifts with the sands.

Justin's picture

To me, the Esoteric P1 and D1 is the perfect audio system ever.

Wes's picture

There are too many variables in an audio system. Even when everything is skillfully tuned and matched, it will never be perfect.

DLKG's picture

Turn the lights down, burn some candles, a glass of wine, etc. You should have a really pleasing if not perfect sound for the night.

Ven Vedam's picture

Because an audiophile never feels satisfied.

Sandman's picture

No home high-end system reproduce rock concert like the real rock concert

Glenn Bennett's picture

You could go nuts and broke trying to get "perfect" sound.

Phil Turner's picture

Not with today's technology. There is no perfection available and I'm not sure if it will ever be attainable. Is there even a perfect sound where a comparison can be made? And, would you like it if it was? Now add in the room. Hmmm

emiser's picture

Even if all your equipment is perfect, your electricity, room, or the source material may have issues. Plus, perfection has never been defined in the case of audio.

Sherd's picture

Perfection is in the ears of the beholder.

Kenneth Pilegaard's picture

A audio system can never be perfect, but it can be less or more in balance.

HH's picture

It all lies in the ears of the listner. To some Bose will do it, to others only a $150,000 system will do it,while others nothing will ever compare to live. As a long time atendee of Carnege Hall, I can tell you that some places in the hall are downright awful, while others are heaven.

Paul M's picture

For a given room and a given listener, the answer is yes. The question should be can an audiophile ever be satisfied?

Tim K's picture

For a moment in time or a specific recording, sure. But long term and for everything you listen to? Never.

Ilmari's picture

No it can't. Unless you can switch the little switch between your ears.

John V.'s picture

For individual tastes, yes. As an absolute, no.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

Is anything ever perfect?

Athanassios Triantafyllou / Ionian Chemicals's picture

Not possible with today's technology.

Alex H's picture

As your musical tatses change, your sound requirements change. You will always need to invest more to cater for your sound changes.'s picture

Never, not in a million years. Just listen to a live concert and see how far we need to come.

rudolph valdez's picture

I've been trying for 40 years and $300,000 and still not satisfied. Oh well, the fun is trying !

AAron's picture

Are you kidding me? That's like asking if the perfect woman exists, or if that 35' sloop is big enough? Nell Ho would be the answer.