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Peter N
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Can A 1993 JVC Compact Component System Be Upgraded?

I have a 1993 JVC Compact Component System (CA-MXS4BK) with two 3-way book case speaker and producing 27 Watts per channel into 8 ohms, 0.9% total harmonic distortion. I'm using this system in a small 12ft. x 12ft. x 9ft. room so the 27 Watt output offers more than enough volume for me in this listening space. I play only my CDs. With listening to the speakers only 10ft. away, I do like the crispness and mid-range heard from playing most of my CDs with the JVC but I wish for more base sound. There is no manual equalizer control on this system, only a few preset button choices for style of music. In contrast, my 2010 Bose Companion II speaker system with two small desktop speakers plus a floor base speaker attached to my 2016 27" iMac 5k has much better base but lacks the nice mid-range sound I hear from my JVC speakers. On my iMac, I can manually control the music output by using the Mac's Music app equalizer and increase the base frequency. I do like the mid-range produced from the JVC three-way speakers but the base is a bit shallow. The speakers connect by way of twin wires, not RCA plugs. Is there a way of improving the sound produced from my JVC compact system?

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My guess is no. It is what it

My guess is no. It is what it is.

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Doesn't that system have Jazz, Pop, Rock, etc? That's as good as you'll get to manipulating sound.

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I had a similar mini-system in the 80s made by Technics. Even to my teenage ears it sounded plastic and inadequate. I remember putting on my headphones and hearing many features of the music I couldn't hear on the mini-system. Let's face it, these weren't built for any serious listening. These days it doesn't take much to have a pair of bookshelf speakers and a small amp with a DAC to have a satisfying listening experience. Especially if you're willing to buy second hand. Your JVC is far passed it's retirement age.

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