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Cambridge Evo 75 setup options

Getting ready to put together my first high quality streaming system and Im a NEWBIE have a few questions.

Speakers: Advent 302s (? big one) purchased in 1979 just refoamed, and new crossovers installed. Henry Kloss designed them for those that dont know.

Why? you may ask. Nostalgia, Im attempting to mix old with new. I owned these since new, and just built custom black walnut isolation stands at 34" (bedroom system). They sound amazing to my ear given the right power and placement.

Got my heart set on the new Evo75 that just launched, what a piece of beauty in my newbie opinion.
Will stream some form of high res files (TBD) over wifi.


1. Need a sub or 2, only one sub output on Evo. My Advents biggest weakness is bass, so a sub takes the pressure off overworking it.

Passive old school speaker works with an active powered sub (or 2) ?
Im thinking about 2 of the CA SX120's 70W OR 1 of the big boy CA 300W sub.
If I do 2 of the smaller I will have to split the sub out, not enough experience to know these answers.

*Its going in the master bedroom, not sure on size but its average, not huge. Maybe 12 x 14

Thanks in advance guys, Im open to any advice. My budget for high end streaming audio was $3k
the CA Evo is $2250 that leaves $800 for the sub. PS Im too old to crank full volume at 60 yrs old I just like
very high quality clean sound at moderate volumes.

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