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Cambridge against KEF


I'm puzzled

I have a nice set of KEF 104/2 reference (circa 1992) build
and a set of Cambridge Audio R50's (circa 1976) I dusted off and brought out of retirement when I sold my Maggies and Krell KSA 150 (for financial needs and the fact I have a wifey) So now I'm dusting off some old stuff.

I'm running this on "The Pre-amp" by Musical Fidelity
and two Meridian 205 Mono-blocs - Source is my older Roksan Caspian CD player.

Wot is making me scratch my head and shift my fleas about is that the older Cambridges seem to be beating up the KEFs.

Material used...

Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis (Boult) Vaughan Williams -

Berlin Philharmonic Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade 2nd movement.

Cab Calloway and Orch - Jazz Fest

Pink Floyd - the Division Bell

The KEF's just dont seem to have the kind of detail the Cambridge seem to offer, It's almost like there is an inefficiency above 8Khz.

KEFs can handle a massive amount of power compared to my Cambridges. But you guys know that power isnt the point. SPL efficiency is.

Has anyone owned a set of these KEFs in the past and have any opinion?

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