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Cable choose

Hi all! Guys I am from Ukraine and I am new on your forum, so sorry for my not very good english, but I need help from professionals!

I am making home audio system 7.2 now with Klipsch Palladium and McIntosh.

Front speakers are Klipsch P-38F and for them amplifier McIntosh MC302.

Center P-27C and surround P-27S and for them amplifier McIntosh MC205.

2xSubwoofer I decide to take Paradigm SUB15.

And to control all this things it will be processor McIntosh MC121.

Now I need to this system balanced interconectors, HDMI cables, and ofcourse acoustic cable. I decide to ask because I dont want to but the most expensive cables. I need good compare between price and quality! All hardware is in road to Ukraine only cables left. What U will suggest me. Thanks a lot.

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What Brands are available ?

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