Cabasse from Upscale Audio

After an absence of several years, French speaker manufacturer Cabasse has returned to the US market. Distributed by Upscale Distribution, Cabasse showed the 43lb Rialto all-in-one streaming loudspeaker system ($3995/pair). Complete with built-in rear-firing woofers powered by a 450W amplifier, the Rialto has a two-way coaxial speaker in front whose treble and midrange are each powered by 300W amplifiers. That's 1050Wpc total! It also claims a frequency range of 30Hz–27kHz, can produce volumes up to 118dB, and can process PCM files up to 24/192.

"The vast majority of Cabasse speakers are active," industry veteran and Upscale Audio Marketing Manager Alex Brinkman told me in the room. In this case, music was streamed from Qobuz via the Cabasse app on the iPhone of Alexandre Paul, Cabasse North American sales manager. The Rialto, in turn, was wired to the internet.

When Brinkman and Paul played Agnes Obel's "The Curse," the Rialtos delivered a fair taste of the high-end experience. On "Fragile," performed by Sting during his 2019 tour, the midrange was warm and the highs lively. I can imagine the Cabasse Rialto sounding quite fine in a small college dormitory room or office packed with books, furniture, and everything else.