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B&W 702 S2

Hi I'm new here and would like some advice about the B&W 702 S2
My initial system was Rega Brio R and Planar 3 with exact cartridge and Dynaudio
Emit 20 speakers.
I have now upgraded to Rega Elicit R and Planar 8/ Ania cartridge and was thinking of the of the B&W 702 S2 ​
I mainly listen to classic rock, Prog, metal and some classical
Have any of you heard them? Can any of you recommend them?
My room is approx 12 x 15 feet
Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Goatwillow

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This video seems to be

This video seems to be helpful on the speakers. I heard them and they sound great. The highs can be a little strong so depending on your taste will dictate if they are a good option. The bass is deep and sound great.

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