Is buying more and more new music a compulsion for you?

Is buying more and more new music a compulsion for you?
Yes, I'm out of control!
12% (21 votes)
I barely keep myself in check
44% (79 votes)
Not a problem yet
19% (33 votes)
I've been treated and have fully recovered
10% (18 votes)
Never was a problem
15% (27 votes)
Total votes: 178

Reader Patrick Tracy claims that he's addicted to buying music: "As in the studies of lab mice and cocaine, I will repeatedly choose music over most any other pursuit. Like a longtime drug addict, I now need larger and larger doses of new music to achieve the rush that a single recording might give a normal person."<P>How about you?

Steve's picture

Help me!

curtis_h's picture

This has been a problem in the past, but now is under control

Eric Harris Chillicothe, Ohio's picture

I buy quite a few cd's, but through the clubs (5-15 per month), their price averages about $6.

Andrew Johnson's picture

I don't have to buy the gold CD of Sara K's latest...but I do have to have at least one Chesky version!

D.  Cline's picture

I am living in Mexico City, where CDs average in the $25-30 USD range. Every time I travel to the US or Canada I buy the allotted maximum (20) allowed by Mexican customs. When I am out, yeah, I buy---sometimes new, sometimes used, but always my maximum limit. Good thing I only take 8-10 trips a year, or I would have to reclassify myself as "out of control"!!

Todd R's picture

A disk or 2 every other week seems to keep me happy. Only problem is having enough space to store them

David Mitchell's picture

Not exactly a problem yet: I regularly "need" an infusion of new music into my collection, but not in ever increasing quantities.

Mike McClendon's picture

To quote my wife, "You can never have too many CDs." God, I love her!

Alan Bushell's picture

...and in between listening to new music, I listen to old music.....

Brent D.'s picture

Only College keeps me in check; once the income increases, so does the spending!

Christian Artman, Phil/Pitt PA's picture

Got to the Gym and excercise, lift weights, and do TRUE AEROBIC excercise... it is a CURE ALL. Besides, no that I've heard a few multichannel recordings, I'm bored with stereo. I anxiously await multichannel DVD software whether it is SACD or DVD-A. Stereo recordings, HDCD, 24/96 DVD stereo are not nearly as interesting as 5 channel 24/96 discrete channels of MLP or DSD (SACD). I may be a MUSIC ADDICT again when DVD and/or SACD becomes a reality in both hardware and software.

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My name is Joel, and I'm an addict. My problem was going to my favorite CD shop and trying to find the perfect-sounding CD---not necessarily something that I really liked, but one that would make my system sound the best it possibly could. But since getting treatment from my wife (putting me on a strict budget), I've fully recovered. Now I'll only get music that I know I listen to. The good thing that happened just picking up CDs at random was to experience a broader range of music, such as jazz.

Sean's picture

I have over 400 cds and I've only been seriously collecting for a couple of years.

D.  James Sanders's picture

Absolutely not. I have so much music by now that I prefer to relisten as much as possible. It's a rare new release indeed that causes me to open my wallet. I still buy, but only a few times a year, and then only a few albums at most each trip.

John,'s picture

Not a problem yet. The quantity of new music I buy rises and falls in direct proportion to my overall financial situation. When times are fat, I buy a lot. During hard times, I buy little or none. Like most other hi-fi bugs, I'd like to think that if I were truly wealthy, I'd still have some self-restraint about it . . . but I really can't swear to that.

Bruce Higgins's picture

I agree ... it and equipment tweaking are a 'drug' for me .... The Stereophile Rendevous CD is my current favorite ... although, a $7.95 "freight charge" is a RIP OFF .... the USPO meter showed $1.43 postage ... a wonderful CD ... butthe shipping charge is Robery!

Lawrence West's picture

I'm always looking for new and used vinyl, CDs, laserdiscs, DVDs, cassettes, anything and everything. To keep my expenditures in check, I often check out materials from local public libraries. I often make inter-library loan requests for materials that are not local to my library. I highly recommend everybody to check out their local public libraries.

Eric Fleming's picture

As an avid music lover, you are constantly looking for new music and old music that maybe 'new' to you. There are many new artisits in all genres of the music industry today and they all are releasing great music.

Mike in Dallas's picture

I actually go on "music binges"; I'll go several months w/o buying anything, then end up with 10-20 new CDs in 3 or 4 days.

Norm Newage's picture

Never was a problem. Why? Two reasons: 1) I'm cheap; 2) Like classical and new age. The music I listen to never changes, so there's never a crucial rush to get the latest releases.

Bob Casner's picture

Yes, I have a touch of Audiophilia nervosa, but what I have that's far worse is "I heard it on the radio or read a review and it's hard to find or maybe even out of print and I want but I don't have nervosa." I also have substantial stacks of purchased-but-not-yet-played discs, and now when I hear something on the radio that I like, I think, "That sounds great, I hope I already own it!"

Kerdraon's picture

One or two CDs a week, but it has been worse. Thank God my local retailer takes back what I don't like.

David Leeger's picture

I believe in the old saying: Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.

Ernie's picture

Scary. Really scary. Online shopping available on the internet may push me up to out of control. Oh Well. Isn't this why we but equipment in the first place?? The spouse factor is what keeps me barley in check. By the way any decent media storage systems out there (CD and LP)?

Jack Skowron's picture

the problem is as my life becomes busier, while I continually buy more new recordings, the amount of time needed to learn/ appreciate the new music becomes difficult to manage. I probably knew the music on favorite discs much more completely when I could only afford a small number (and had more free time)