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Butler - Tube Driver Blue: Something new under the sun?

Hey Steroephile reviewers and techie oriented audiophiles have you had a look at the offerings from Butler?

I'm no techie myself but after reading the material it does appear the Butler is onto something somewhat novel, at least the driver tubes glowing BLUE does seem unique.

As far as the rest it's beyond my capability to determine if the circuit is really unique, superficially it appears to mimic the standard hybrid (tube voltage gain-driver stage, Mosfet output stage) setup. I'm afraid the business about the setup being unique with the SS stage acting as a reflected load looses me, I ask myself ... isn't this what the transformers do in a full tube design?, and doesn't the same thing happen in a 'standard' hybrid design?

Anyway, at least superficially the design (many manufactures 'fake' a blue glow, e.g. Hovland, whereas here it's the real deal!) seems to warrant investigation. Maybe not, but hey Steroephile, isn't discovering the newest and greatest, or at least elucidating on what only appears to be, part of the wonderful service you provide to us audiophiles?

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