Butcher Block Acoustics RigidRack Audio Furniture

As much as I enjoy hi-fi, I strongly prefer non-hi-fi accoutrements, especially component racks. I'm currently using—and have been for years—a standard cherry entertainment console (the Durham) made by Maine-based furniture company Chilton. True, it's sagging a bit under the weight of my components, but I've managed to reinforce it with strategically placed home-made screw jacks.

The racks produced by Butcher Block Acoustics, which were on display in the EXPO at AXPONA 2019, are about what you'd expect from a company with that name: They look like butcher blocks made into shelves, with lots and lots of maple. If you want a softer, warmer wood, you can get walnut instead. Or, you can get walnut shelves with maple legs, or maple shelves with walnut legs. However it's configured, it's a modern, minimalist look--almost Scandinavian.

The racks are all wood (except for some connectors and optional spiked feet) and appear to be very rigid and well-made. The shelves, whether walnut or maple, are 1.5" thick. The legs angle up on the outside of the shelves, so every inch of shelf space is available for practical use. Jim Whithorne, president of the Anaheim, California-based company, assured me that his racks will withstand the weight of my turntable and its 100+lb slate plinth and anything else I'm likely to throw at it. We'll see.

I intend to order the 60"-wide, four-shelf unit with 20"-deep maple shelves and walnut legs. With the standard "iso-feet," that big shelf costs $1946; you can also get it with spiked feet. The company is now accepting orders for May delivery. Price includes shipping.

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I'd be nice of you to share your in-use "useful" review of this beautiful shelve system.

Interesting that they make these things in Petosky Mi and Pennsylvania. I wonder if it's the Amish doing the hand work? ( or is it just Ralph Waldo Emerson's Great Grandchildren ) ?

Anyway, it'll be a darn nice Story to tell to an audience that probably struggles with finding Shelving promising Audio gear strengths in an IKEA world. ( or a Commercial Kitchen Adjustable Chrome Plated Shelf System -- kinda commercially UGGly )

Even JA himself found a Turntable Stand from Nocturne reminiscent of one he owned many years ago. ( $600 in WW11 era Crinkle Paint Finnish ) Hmm.

I make all my own with my Festool Cabinet making tools & various bits of scrap exotic woods. I typically have to re-make several times.

BBA seem to be presenting an ever widening range of gorgeous Audio related Wood Items.

Tony in Michigan

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The Maple is sourced from Michigan Maple block in Petoskey, MI if my memory serves. MMB is the supplier for almost the entire butcher block industry. They also provide the Maple block workbenches for woodcraft.

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God forbid we use anything to uphold our oh so fragile but equally oh so expensive electron transducers than those blessed by the high priests at Subjecto-Phile.

AhhhHHHHhhhh MeeeEEEeeen.

Aye, puts Stonehenge-o-phile into perspective doanit?