Burmester Phase 3

For those of you who like all of your functions tucked away in a single shiny box, Burmester has a product for you. The main all-in-one 161 Receiver is based on the company's Music Server 151 and the system also includes the B15 speakers (not shown) and the handy empty case that sits below the active electronics. Burmester says the empty case with fold down front door (shown below) is part of the product since their customers don't like clutter and prefer to store extraneous stuff like AppleTV boxes and game consoles out of the way. I realize that probably sounds a bit pretentious to some, but it makes sense to me, since I tend to go out of my way to hide wires and power supplies.


The Phase 3 comes in two finishes: chrome as pictured above or a neutral dark grey as in the photo below. There are connections for complete networking and adding digital sources as well as a CD drive and 2x 2TB RAID HDD inside. Formats covered include PCM up to 24/192 and basic DSD, and Tidal support as well as internet radio is included. The amp section is 120W per channel and there is a pair of balanced analog inputs if you need them. $39,995 and it's yours.